Medical Gloves

Superior Powder Free Latex Gloves

Powder free latex gloves are carefully crafted and textured for a firm grip particularly in wet conditions.

They leave no residue of any sort thereby lowering the risks of spreding infuctions.

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Superior Lightly Powdered  Latex Gloves

Lightly powdered latex gloves from IRONskin are made of 100% natural latex with low latex protein level to minimise the risk of allergies, dusted with natural corn starch powder for easy wearing.

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Superior Vinyl Gloves

The IRONskin vinyl gloves are manufactured from PVC vinyl, putting to rest the possible occurrance of latex allergies.

They are designed for excellent grip as well as a smooth feel when worn, and are powder free, so when handling wwt substances, you won’t have to deal with messy powder residue.

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Superior Nitrile Gloves

These powder free nitrile gloves from are made from humanly crafted synthetic rubber taking out the possibilities of allergies owing to latex componant. Given the peculiar stretch and resistant property of nitrile gloves.

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